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  2. Higher education school
    • Motto
    • Integrity, Implementation, Truth and Innovation.
    • Spirit
    • Wholehearted devotion for no rewards.
    • Mission
    • serving the society by training students with the unity of knowledge and practice.
    • Development and Strategy
    • People-oriented, to establish the school with quality, develop the school with special features and strengthen the school with talent.
    • School Spirit
    • be able to establish oneself and help others to do so, arrive at supreme goodness.
    • Teaching Spirit
    • Keep integrity and virtuousness, think hard and teach skillfully.
    • Studying Spirit
    • Emulate those better than oneself, be tireless in learning.

    Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology?

    Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology is a degree-granting university-level education institution located in Chongqing, the PRC, which provides formal undergraduate education and junior college education. It also offers preparatory education to qualified ethnic minority students. Its predecessor was Southwest University Yucai College, which was a private independent college recognized by the MOE in March 2003. In April 2013, the school was approved by the MOE to convert to an independent university-level education institution and was the first private school in Chongqing that has been approved by the MOE to convert from an independent college to a formal university-level education institution. Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology’s educational philosophy is “to serve society by training students with theoretical knowledge and practical abilities.” Its educational goal is to establish a people-oriented institution that provides quality education, fosters special characteristics and focuses on talent development.

    Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology currently offers approximately 35 majors in a wide range of subject areas, including journalism, Chinese literature, tourism management, hotel management, human resources management, computer science and technology, software engineering, automotive service engineering, pre-school education, art and design, architecture, accounting, economics, law, English and so on. It also offers a dedicated preparatory education program for ethnic minority students. Once students complete such one-year program, they will be eligible to participate in the examination administered by the school for admission to the junior college program or undergraduate program offered by the school. We conduct thorough market research on potential employment trends and review and adjust our major and course offerings according to changes in the labor market. For example, we created hotel management, architecture, software engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering majors that we believe have good job prospects at Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology in 2014and 2015, respectively, after conducting such market research.

    Due to our dedication to developing students’ practical skills, our students have received numerous awards and accolades for their achievements. In 2015, several of our students have won the first, second and third prizes at national subject matter competitions, and 42 students have received at least a third prize in the provincial subject matter competitions. In addition, certain graduates from Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology successfully pursued graduate studies in other universities in the PRC or overseas, such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Beijing Normal University, Chongqing University, Southwest University, China University of Petroleum and University of International Business and Economics.

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    | TEL:+86-10-85911099/85911180 | FAX:+86-10-85910588 | E-MAIL:msedu@minshengedu.com |
    | Zip code:100020 | Address: Chaoyang District City, East Third Ring Road, 9, Beijing, building three, floor, No. 301
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